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Taunton Deane Cricket League U11 | East B

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Taunton Deane Cricket League U11
East B

U11 8's Pairs | Match Rules


  1. Each team shall comprise 8 players

  2. All players will wear white cricket clothing

  3. The pitch shall be 17 yards

  4. Maximum boundary length 40 metres

  5. Stumps 27” x 8”

  6. Ball 4 ¾ oz, either red or pink

  7. In all matches, no fielder shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards from the middle stump except behind the wickets on the offside

  8. Each game shall consist of 1 innings per team. Each innings shall be of 16 overs duration

  9. Each team shall commence its innings with a score of 200 runs to which are added runs as scored. Runs are deducted as ‘lives’ are lost

  10. The batting team shall be divided into pairs

  11. Each pair shall bat for 4 overs

  12. The batters shall have unlimited ‘lives’ but each ‘life’ lost shall result in 6 runs being deducted from the score

  13. The batters shall change ends at the fall of each wicket except on the last ball of the over. The dismissed batter does not face the next ball

  14. Each player of the fielding team must bowl with the exception of the wicket-keeper. No bowler to bowl more than 3 overs.

  15. The winning team shall be the team recording the higher number of runs after deductions for fall of wickets

  16. In the event of the scores being equal in a league game, the result shall be a tie.

  17. In the cup and plate competitions, the normal league competition rules apply with the addition that should the scores be equal, the team losing the least wickets will progress. Should the wicket loss be equal then the team with the highest run total at the start of the last over shall progress. Should that score be equal the run total at the start of the penultimate over shall be taken into account and so on back through the overs.

  18. If a player is injured his/her place may be taken by a reserve

  19. If a team is short the fielding team may select the player to bat twice

  20. League points awarded:

  21. Win - 3 points

  22. Tie - 2 points

  23. No result - 1 point

  24. If both managers agree the match can be played as 10 a side, 20 overs each innings, and no bowler to bowl more than 4 overs. All other rules are as above.

  25. Implementation of the LBW law at U11 is mandatory in all matches